Would you like help from an experienced professional ?

In response to the needs of our entrepreneurs for business counselling and to benefit from the qualities and expertise of retired entrepreneurs and other experienced businesspeople in the region, we introduced a business mentoring service in our community.

The business mentoring program is available to operating businesses. The program matches an experienced manager or entrepreneur with an entrepreneur who is seeking business advice. In this way, the latter can develop entrepreneurial skills and increase the chances of business survival, growth and success. Interested entrepreneurs are met individually to determine their needs. Anonymous requests are submitted to the mentors. All exchanges between the mentors and protégés are strictly confidential.

To learn more about mentoring, visit Regional Mentoring Council website :

At the moment, there are five business people or managers volunteering as mentors; each ready to assist the entrepreneurs of the region. They are: Louis Fournier, Mark Joncas, Normand Lebel, Michel Nadeau and Jean-Pierre Turbide.

It's simple! Simply fill out the online form below and the person in charge of mentoring will contact you.


" On the eve of the resumption of classes after months of closure, we lost an employee. It was a disaster! My mentor came to see me and after 30 minutes with him I was back on top and full of energy. He was able to cheer me up and motivate me for the future. He always gives me a different and external point of view of the business which makes me see things differently and makes me grow as an entrepreneur. Thank you! "

- Joana Landry, Coopérative École Cindy-Mae Danse